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  • Anthelcide EQ Paste

    Anthelcide EQ Paste

    1 syringe 24 grams22.7% oxibendazole Anthelcide EQ Equine Wormer paste formula contains Oxibendazole. Effective against large strongyles, small strongyles, pinworms and ascarids in horses...

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  • Eradimite


    1 oz bottle Eradimite Ear Mite Treatment uses Pyrethrins to kill ear mites and ear ticks on cats, dogs, and rabbits. Eradimite also uses aloe vera to soothe ears that have been irritated by...

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  • Kopertox (16 oz.)

    Kopertox (16 oz.)

    16 oz bottle Kopertox is recommended as an aid in treating horses and ponies with thrush due to organisms susceptible to copper naphthenate. Thrush is a very common bacterial infection that...

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  • Nolvasan Otic Cleanser (4 oz.)

    Nolvasan Otic Cleanser (4 oz.)

    4 oz bottle Nolvasan Otic Cleanser is for general cleaning of the ears of dogs and cats to aid in removal of debris. Ear cleanser for use in cats and dogs Easy to administer...

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  • Quest 2% Equine Gel

    Quest 2% Equine Gel

    single syringe14.4 gm Quest 2% Equine Oral Gel dewormer and boticide that is specially formulated as a palatable gel which is easily adminstered to horses and ponies. Effective in the...

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  • QuikClean Waterless Shampoo (32 oz.)

    QuikClean Waterless Shampoo (32 oz.)

    QuikClean Waterless Shampoo cleans pet hair without wetting or rinsing, when bathing is not practical. Water is not always available when a pet needs a bath. This waterless shampoo cleans and...

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  • Solitude IGR (6 lb. pail)

    Solitude IGR (6 lb. pail)

    Solitude IGR is an insect growth regulator that inhibits development of the exoskeleton in immature house and stable flies, preventing them from becoming adults. Solitude IGR is a feed through...

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  • Strongid Paste (20 ml syringe)

    Strongid Paste (20 ml syringe)

    20 ml syringe43.9% pyrantel pamoate Strongid Paste (pyrantel pamoate) is an equine dewormer that removes and controls most common and damaging internal parasites including bloodworms, small...

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