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Vetoquinol/Vet Solutions

  • Azodyl Small Capsules

    Azodyl Small Capsules

    90 count bottle Next Day Air shipping is required for cooler items* Azodyl is a patented formulation of naturally-occurring beneficial bacterial that supports renal health in dogs and cats. ...

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  • BPO-3 Shampoo 3% Benzoyl Peroxide

    BPO-3 Shampoo 3% Benzoyl Peroxide

    16 oz bottle BPO-3 Benzoyl Peroxide 3% Medicated Shampoo is an antimicrobial, keratolytic, follicular flushing shampoo for dogs and cats. BPO-3 is used topically to treat oily, flaky, or scaly skin,...

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  • Cerumene Ear Cleaning Liquid

    Cerumene Ear Cleaning Liquid

    4 oz bottle Cerumene, 4 oz is a safe and effective ear cleaner for dogs and cats that removes wax and debris from the ear canal. Cerumene can be used prior to administering ear infection pet...

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  • Dentahex Oral Rinse

    Dentahex Oral Rinse

    8 oz bottle Dentahex Oral Care Rinse with Chlorhexidine 0.12% and Zinc, 8 oz protects your pet's dental hygiene. The rinse is antimicrobial and improves breath and removes plaque in cats and dogs...

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  • Derma Gel

    Derma Gel

    50 mlspray Derma Gel Spray is an isotonic hydrogel made of high-molecular-weight polymers that promotes wound healing in all animal species: horses, dogs, cats, livestock, birds, reptiles and...

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  • Derma Gel for Wounds

    Derma Gel for Wounds

    100 ml tube Derma Gel is effective in hydrating wound surfaces and liquefying necrotic tissue on the wound surface. Derma Gel is useful for large areas, deep open wounds, accidental or surgical...

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  • Dermal-Soothe Cream Rinse

    Dermal-Soothe Cream Rinse

    16 oz bottle Micro Pearls Advantage Dermal-Soothe Cream Rinse is an itch relieving, moisturizing cream rinse for application after shampooing. It contains Pramoxine HCl and Skin Respiratory Factor...

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  • Dermal-Soothe Shampoo

    Dermal-Soothe Shampoo

    16 oz bottle Micro Pearls Advantage Dermal-Soothe Shampoo has continuous release Novasome moisturizing formula with Pramoxine HCI to relieve dry, scaling, itchy skin conditions in dogs, cats, and...

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