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Skin & Coat Supplements

  • Derma Strength Pro Chews for Dogs and Cats

    Derma Strength Pro Chews for Dogs and Cats (90 Chews)

    90 countprofessional formula Derma Strength Pro is a hypoallergenic formula which supports healthy skin structure, texture and resiliency. It is recommended for all dogs and cats in need of additional dermatological support due to allergies, surgeries,...

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  • Derma 3.6.9 Pro Canine & Feline Chews

    Derma 3.6.9 Pro Chews for Dogs & Cats (60 Chews)

    60 chewsprofessional formula Derma 3.6.9.™ Pro is rich in essential fatty acids, Omegas 3, 6, and 9, in combination with a special balance of vitamins and amino acids to support skin elasticity, texture, and a shiny coat. It contains Biotin,...

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  • Allerpet-C for Cats (12 oz)

    Allerpet-C for Cats (12 oz)

    Allerpet-C for Cats (12 oz) Allerpet-C was developed especially for people who are allergic to their cats. Allerpet is an easy-to-use grooming emollient that reduces the amount of allergens on an animal to tolerable levels for up to a week. Applied...

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  • Cat Lax Hairball Treatment

    Cat Lax Hairball Treatment

    2 oz tube Cat Lax contains cod liver oil and other ingredients to coat hairballs and help them move through your cat's digestive tract more easily. By eliminating and preventing hairballs, Cat Lax improves your cat's digestive function and prevents...

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  • Feline Furball Pro

    Feline Furball Pro Chews for Cats (60 Chews)

    60 chewsprofessional formula Feline Furball Pro is a vet-exclusive advanced formula which contains probiotic bacteria and a selection of purposeful ingredients for gastrointestinal health skin and coat support, all in a very palatable soft-chew form for...

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  • Optima-365 for Cats (16 oz.)

    Optima-365 for Cats (16 oz.)

    16 oz bottle Optima-365 for Cats contains an optimal mixture of marine and vegetable oils, amino acids, antioxidant vitamins and minerals to enhance skin and coat condition and reduce excess shedding.  16 oz bottle. Reduces excess shedding in 2...

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