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Skin & Coat Supplements

  • Derma-3 Softgels Large Breed (250 Count)

    Derma 3 Softgel Capsules for Large Breed Dogs  Omega-3 Fatty Acids with Vitamins for healthy skin and coats in dogs and cats.  Derma 3 is a unique, potent fatty acids formula to help maintain healthy skin.  Derma 3 contains Omega 3 Fatty...

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  • Triglyceride Omega for Large Breed Dogs (60 Count)

    Triglyceride Omega for Large Breed Dogs (60 Count) Large and Giant Breed (Dogs Only): Directions for Use: Administer orally 1 capsule daily for animals 60-80 lbs. or 2 capsules for animals over 80 lbs. body weight. Capsules may be punctured and...

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  • Cat Lax Hairball Treatment

    Cat Lax Hairball Treatment

    2 oz tube Cat Lax contains cod liver oil and other ingredients to coat hairballs and help them move through your cat's digestive tract more easily. By eliminating and preventing hairballs, Cat Lax improves your cat's digestive function and prevents...

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  • Feline Furball Pro

    Feline Furball Pro

    60 chewsprofessional formula Feline Furball Pro is a vet-exclusive advanced formula which contains probiotic bacteria and a selection of purposeful ingredients for gastrointestinal health skin and coat support, all in a very palatable soft-chew form for...

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  • Optima-365 for Cats (16 oz.)

    Optima-365 for Cats (16 oz.)

    16 oz bottle Optima-365 for Cats contains an optimal mixture of marine and vegetable oils, amino acids, antioxidant vitamins and minerals to enhance skin and coat condition and reduce excess shedding.  16 oz bottle. Reduces excess shedding in 2...

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