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  • Sharps Disposal Container - J0886A

    Sharps Disposal Container - J0886A

    per container0.5 liter This sharps container is especially designed for easy and proper disposal of hypodermic needles.  The top lid has a special slot that helps removal of hypodermic neddles...

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  • Pill Splitter

    Pill Splitter

    This Pill Splitter has a thin, razor-sharp blade to cleanly and precisely cut pills for accurate dosing. The lightweight plastic is easy to clean. The V-shapped interior trough holds a variety of...

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  • Pill Crusher

    Pill Crusher

    Pill Crusher works simply by dropping the pill into the clear chamber and screwing the top portion directly into it thereby crushing the pill. It is a pilling aid used by pet owners as many...

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  • Lister Bandage Scissors

    Lister Bandage Scissors

    5.5 inches Lister Bandage Scissors are economical stainless steel scissors made to slip between the skin and bandage material.  5.5 inches  

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  • Cat Claw Scissors

    Cat Claw Scissors Nail Trimmers

    These Cat Claw Scissors are specially designed for cutting the thin and fragile nails of cats and small exotics. They provide a good clean cut without tearing or shredding. Stainless steel. 3".  

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