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Behavior & Training

Behavior & Training Aids Supplies for Dogs and Cats.

  • Feliway Wipes (12 Count)

    Description Feliway Wipes are your solution to help you calm and control your anxious cats.  Feliway Wipes use pheromones to create a natural and convenient way to calm your cat. Feliway wipes are easy to use and contain the same ingredients as...

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  • Composure Pro Chews for Dogs & Cats

    Composure Pro Chews for Dogs & Cats

    60 count bagprofessional formula Composure Pro is a calming support formula recommended for pets exposed to increased environmental stressors. When pets can’t adapt to stress, it can lead to anxiety, nervousness, hyperactivity, frayed nerves,...

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  • Feliway Wall Plug Electric Diffuser with 48 ml. vial

    Feliway Electric Diffuser with 48 ml. vial Control Cat Urine Marking, Scratching, and Stress Naturally Stop cat spraying. Cats, both male and female, because of changes in their environment or hormonal changes, may start spraying urine on vertical...

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  • Adaptil Collar for Medium and Large Dogs

    Adaptil (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) Collar helps stop or prevent fear and stress-related behavior in puppies and adult dogs that result in destructive behavior, excessive vocalization (barking, whining, etc.), house soiling, excessive licking, anxiety...

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  • Bitter Orange (2 oz.)

    Bitter Orange DirectionsApply to bandages, casts, or hair three times daily or as otherwise directed by your veterinarian.CautionAvoid contact with broken skin, eyes or mucous membranes. If eyes are contacted, wash with water immediately. Use carefully...

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  • Adaptil Calm Diffuser for Dogs 30 Day Refill (48 ml)

    Adaptil Calm Diffuser for Dogs 30 Day Refill (48 ml)

    The Adaptil Diffuser is a discreet plug-in which infuses the home with a synthetic copy of the canine-appeasing pheromone, a natural product proven to comfort both puppies and adult dogs.  Adaptil is great for settling new puppies in the home,...

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